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1 Leo was adopted by Andrew & Cora King. King, Leo H. Sr. (I303)
2 Mary Elizabeth Brown must have died either shortly after birth or during infancy. She is not listed as a sibling in the type-written manuscript ('Genealogy of the Brown Family') by her oldest brother, John William Brown, which included all of his other siblings.  Brown, Mary Elizabeth (I217)
3 There are several stories and theories as to what happened to Cyrus Adams Brown. Some say he ran off with a second wife & family, others say he died in Hennepin, Minnesota in the year 1920. I don't believe either of those to be the case. The Cyrus A. Brown I found in Minnesota records do not fit the criteria for this Cyrus Adams Brown. In 1892, the Van Wert Times published many civil notices to Cyrus regarding various lawsuits brought against him for debts owed to multiple individuals. Later, the articles claim to that Cyrus was believed to have left the state, leaving Margaret behind to settle all of the debts, resulting in her hiring an attorney to seek alimony. In the 1990 U.S. Federal Census, she was listed as a widow.

Still searching, I found multiple newspaper articles throughout the country involving a Cyrus A. Brown that was tried and sentenced for murder in the year 1896. As the story goes, a man by the name of Daniel found Cyrus washed up on the riverbanks in Kansas. Cyrus was starving, cold and very weak. Daniel brought him into his home and nursed him back to health. Once Cyrus was feeling better, he grabbed a gun and shot Daniel in the back, killing him. He then tied the body down with rocks and threw it into the same waters he was rescued from. I'm not sure of the details of his capture, but he was arrested, tried and convicted, resulting in Cyrus filing appeals and holding up his sentence for 2 years.

In 1888, his case was retried, with his sentence being the same. He was ordered to be hanged by the neck on 25 Aug 1899, in Kansas. This was a big deal because it was the first execution carried out on Indian territory. I am still trying to get down to the bottom of his disappearance.

I also found a Cyrus Brown that passed away in Defiance County in 1911, by suicide. He was married, had a family and was an established member of the community. I don't believe this was him because the counties are so close together, he would have been easily recognized. It is still a possibility, so I'll also be looking into this. 
Brown, Cyrus Adams (I5)